from Hungary's Szilvásszeg vineyard

since 1952

The golden jewel of our assortment,
the matured "I don't know" plum pálinka,
with its unique name:


Matured Szatmári
plum pálinka

0,1 l - 69%


the unique savor of Gulácsi plum pálinka, 69!


Feel the 69... Just a lick!

Szilvásszeg vineyard:
the cradle of our fruits

Gulács, is a small Beregi village surrounded by the Upper Tisza and bordering two backwaters, has been inhabited since the he settlement of the Hungarians in Central Europe in the late 9th and early 10th century. Its name is mentioned for the first time in1327, during the reign of Róbert Károly, in the correspondence of the Count Zichy family.

Pálinka distilling has been part of the settlement’s rich history for more than 70 years.According to some sources, pálinka has been brewed in the Szilvásszeg vineyard, in theimmediate vicinity of the Tisza, since 1952.

About us

Our company, First Hungarian Szilvapálinka Ltd. (Első Magyar Szilvapálinka Kft.) bought theplant in 2004, which, thanks to continuous investments and expansions over the years, hasgrown into one of the most modern and sought-after distilleries in the region. Whileimplementing improvements that were welcomed by both employees and customers, weconsciously remained in favor of wood burning.

The most sought-after product of our factory, which realizes both contract making andcommercial making is made from the local “I don’t know” plum and made from differenttypes of apples and different kinds of fruits, which also have rich selection and tradition inthe area.

Pálinka distilling has been part of the settlement’s rich history. According to some sources, pálinka has been distilled in the Szilvásszeg vineyard, close to the Tisza, since 1952.

How it’s made

Pálinka is a Hungarikum. “Gulácsi Pálinkás” are prepared with the respect and expertise that is characteristic of Hungarians only.

We make brandy from all the local fruits typical of the Bereg area. In addition to apples, cherries, and pears, the landscape’s unique fruit that can only be found here, the main fruit of the home gardens in Beregi, the “I don’t know” plum, is the primary raw material for making brandy at the Gulács manufactory.


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